7 open source tools for you to develop systems!

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7 open source tools for you to develop systems!

The utilization of open source tools has become something else and more normal in the information technology area and among engineers, yet what precisely is open source and what is today influence in this field?

The term open source was made by the Open Source Initiative (OSI) to offer a more business option in contrast to the product market at that point. This drive planned to put forth improvement attempts more cooperative, which permitted the development of a few notable tools, for example, the Linux working framework, the LibreOffice program and the Python and Perl programming dialects, for instance.

The collaboration encouraged the optimization of free distribution, sharing and constant improvement of this software. Without these fundamental characteristics, open source would probably not have the same reach and relevance that it has today.

How can open source tools help you?

Like many other trends and strategies that have emerged over the years to expand the adoption of agile and more efficient systems development methods, such as Bimodal IT and DevOps , the number of open source tools has also grown exponentially.

There is a multitude of software available online today for the most diverse functions and that offer a series of advantages for developers or companies that decide to invest in these solutions.

Below we mention some of them.

  • Lower Cost: although it is not a rule, many open source software operate at low costs and even free of charge, not being necessary to pay for a license to use;
  • Customization: open source allows anyone with programming knowledge to be able to edit and adapt the software as they wish, ensuring a wide range of possible changes.
  • Interaction With Tools: unlike proprietary tools, open source allows for easier interaction between software from different developers, collaborating with the work of IT professionals.
  • Greater Control: open source tools, being easily editable at any time, also allow errors to be found and corrected just as quickly, ensuring better control and security.
  • Collaborative Process: as already mentioned before, collaboration was the fundamental characteristic that allowed the dissemination of open source tools, which also contributed to the strengthening of teamwork within IT departments and the emergence of a community that grows beyond limits of companies.

What tools to use?

Getting to know the different resources available online is an essential part of the work of any developer or company that values ​​its technology area, but not only that, also finding agile and efficient ways of implementing it in its processes. Whether through more traditional means, such as ITIL , or the most current, DevOps , both can work together in the search for more optimized processes.

Now, when it comes to analytics, data mining , web application development or server configuration, you can be sure there’s an open source tool for you.


XPlanner is an online undertaking the executives device that gives a stage to groups to plan, track and coordinate their work. It is designed to help teams manage their projects more efficiently by providing features such as project planning, task assignment, time tracking and status reporting.

As well as being adaptable and adjustable, it permits clients to adjust it to their particular necessities and work processes. Some of its key features include a task board, a resource utilization view, a calendar view, and a variety of reports and charts.


If you need email management software, Thunderbird is a great choice. In addition to being completely free, it allows users to manage multiple email accounts in one place, offering features such as spam filtering, folder organization, meeting scheduling and contact management. Furthermore, Thunderbird has customizable extensions and themes to allow users to adapt it to their needs.

It is a popular option for those looking for an alternative to Microsoft Outlook or Gmail.


Dia is another free, open source and free software designed to be used for drawing diagrams including flow diagrams, network diagrams, UML diagrams and more. It offers a wide range of drawing tools including shapes, lines, text and pictures.

In addition, it supports different plugins and is highly customizable. Dia is a popular option for those looking for an alternative to Microsoft Visio or Lucidchart.


AngularJS is an open source JavaScript frontend framework used for developing web applications’ frontend. It provides a framework of reusable components and a host of tools and resources to help developers build advanced web applications more easily and efficiently.

Data binding, routing, template handling and dependency management are some of the features of AngularJS.


Node.js is a server side environment that also uses JavaScript as a programming language and allows developers to build fast, scalable web applications using event-based server architecture. One of its main differentials is the ability to run applications on a machine without depending on a browser.

Its high performance and scalability also makes it a widely used choice for enterprise application development and startups such as Netflix, Mozilla, LinkedIn and PayPal.


Another great choice for online app development is the Bootstrap design framework. It provides a number of pre-built features and components such as forms, tables, buttons, modals, navbars and more that can be used to build beautiful and responsive user interfaces.

Furthermore, Bootstrap supports the flexible grid system, which allows components to be organized and adapted to different screen sizes. Due to it’s ease to use, high customizability, and consistent design across all platforms it is widely used by developers and designers.


Powered by GitHub, Atom is a popular choice for developers looking for a powerful code editor without the need to pay for a license.

It is designed to be used as an editor for multiple programming languages ​​and is highly customizable, allowing users to install packages and themes to suit their specific needs. Atom offers features like syntax highlighting, autocompletion, batch search and replace, smooth scrolling, file preview, and more.

Open source tools are an excellent option for companies and individuals looking for quality technological solutions without spending a lot of money. Not only does its use encourage collaboration and constant process improvement, but it also ensures a competitive advantage in the marketplace. For this reason, the constant search for new trends and innovative tools like these is becoming increasingly essential in the area of ​​technology.

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