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Burnout in developers: how to avoid this problem?

how to avoid burnout in developers

Burnout is an increasingly common occupational disease. Around 30% of laborers experience the ill effects of the condition, as indicated by a survey led by the International Stress Management Association (ISMA). Anyway, that number could be significantly higher in the tech sector, especially among developers.

Burnout is a condition of emotional and physical exhaustion that can affect people who work in professions with a high workload, pressure and stress. Mental exhaustion, lack of motivation, discouragement, anxiety, depression and stress-related medical conditions are most side effects.

To avoid Burnout cases in developers , it is important that companies and professionals themselves adopt a series of measures. Learn more about the symptoms of this illness and how developers may prevent it by reading on.

What are the signs of Burnout?

Regardless of occupation or social standing, everyone can experience burnout syndrome, which is a condition of physical and mental tiredness. Notwithstanding, it is normal for this condition to foster in professionals who manage a high responsibility, strain and stress, similarly as with professionals in the IT sector .

Below, check out the main signs of Burnout.

It means quite a bit to focus on the need to look for professional assistance, On the off chance that you are encountering any of these signs or have colleagues with them. Burnout isn’t simply a question of stress at work, yet a condition that should be treated with seriousness and regard.

How to avoid burnout in developers?

Experienced developers and leaders who work with developers have a great responsibility regarding the prevention of Burnout in their teams. Some steps that can be taken to avoid burnout in this profession include:

Humanized organizational culture

An organizational culture that values ​​and respects employees is essential to preventing burnout. It is essential to advance a positive workplace that supports coordinated effort, innovativeness and common regard.


Leaders must be open to employee feedback, listen to their concerns, and respond effectively. To ensure efficient internal communication , it is also important to establish clear and transparent communication channels so that developers can express themselves and receive guidance clearly.

Encouraging wellness practices

Employees’ physical and emotional well-being must come first. Leaders can encourage the practice of physical activities, meditation, yoga, among other activities that help reduce stress and anxiety.

Leaders can promote these practices in a variety of ways. One possibility is to offer meditation or yoga sessions in the workplace, allowing employees to relax and reduce stress during working hours.

The company can also offer agreements with gyms or fitness studios, encouraging developers to exercise regularly.

Setting realistic goals

Goals planned according to the team’s history are essential to avoid Burnout, as, on the contrary, unattainable goals can lead employees to work excessively and compromise their mental and physical health.

Pioneers should work with their teams to lay out objectives that are testing and yet practical and feasible. It is essential to take into account the accessible time, workload and abilities of the developers.

In addition, you need to set realistic deadlines for completing tasks and take into account the human factor, such as time needed for rest and relaxation.


Giving developers flexibility regarding work hours, work location, or tasks to be performed can help reduce stress and increase motivation.

For example, the possibility of working from a home office or at alternative hours can help developers to have more control over their routine and better reconcile their professional and personal lives.

Additionally, flexibility can help minimize traffic-related stress and reduce time spent commuting, allowing developers more time for other important activities, such as physical and mental health care.

Balance between professional and personal life

Developers should have a sound balance between fun and serious activities. Leaders can help in this regard, for example, by avoiding sending emails outside working hours, encouraging the use of vacations and rest days.

As we have seen, the prevention of Burnout in developers involves the adoption of several measures, such as a humanized organizational culture and the balance between professional and personal life. As a result, leaders can help keep their teams healthy, which contributes to company success and employee well-being.

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