WordPress Shuts Down Sharing On Twitter Over API Pricing

Platform published an ad on the official website of Jetpack Social, its sharing plugin for websites; Microsoft shut down function on Xbox for same reason.

WordPress announced on Monday (1) that it ended the function of sharing publications on Twitter. In the statement on its official page, the company reported that the end of automatic sharing is due to the fact that the parties cannot reach an agreement on the value of the API. New Twitter API values ​​were released in March.

In the case of WordPress, the company would be required to subscribe to the enterprise API plan . The cheapest subscription to this plan costs US$42,000 (almost R$210,000) per month — totaling US$504,000 (approximately R$2.5 million) per year. However, WordPress had to negotiate a custom plan, as it handles many more customers than the most expensive API subscription — over BRL 13 million per year).

WordPress confirmed end of feature involves new values

On the official page of Jetpack , a WordPress sharing service, the company was straightforward about the reason for the closure of the API: it will not pay the amounts charged by Twitter since April.

“We have tried to work with Twitter in good faith to negotiate new terms, but we have not been able to reach an agreement. As a result, the Twitter connection on Jetpack Social will be terminated and your posts will no longer be automatically shared on Twitter” — WordPress press release.

In the same text, the website platform informs that it will launch the option to automatically share publications on Instagram and Mastodon (indirect?). The company also regrets the inconvenience to its users, stating that it acted in the best interest of their experience – the “experience” here can be read as not passing the resource on to them.

Microsoft and New York Subway have also ended use of the API

WordPress isn’t the only institution to shut down the use of the Twitter API over values. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), responsible for public transportation in the metropolis of New York, stopped posting subway information in real time on Twitter . The MTA reported that Twitter charged $50,000 per month for the API.

Microsoft hasn’t given a reason so far, but it’s speculated that the demise of the ability to share Xbox gameplay clips on Twitter is also due to Twitter’s API values.

The social network has not lost any sleep over these two cases. Things change now that WordPress has ended automatic sharing. Jetpack Social is used by over 5 million websites. Another important factor is that approximately 43% of internet pages are hosted on WordPress.

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